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I work at Fastly as a software engineer, focusing on features, concurrency, and performance. I'm not currently looking for new career opportunities, but you may be interested in my resume (PDF).

Software Projects

I tend to work on a bunch of projects at a time. Some of them get finished, some of them stagnate. In any case, here is a list of some of the more recent and active undertakings in alphabetical order:

I love ASCII art and markdown. When I'm working on technical docs, it just makes sense to combine the two. Some people don't share that sentiment. Markdown handles the text aspect, but nothing really exists that (in my mind) adequately solves the other portion. Enter ASCIIToSVG.
Blow: The PHP Web Framework That Doesn't Suck
I've become tired over the years of all-encompassing web frameworks that contain APIs for everything under the sun. I just want something that has minimal functionality for routing and that's it. Blow is my answer to that, named so because it doesn't suck.
Concurrency Kit
I'm a contributor to Concurrency Kit, a nifty framework for providing concurrency primitives and lock free datastructures. I (help) make it work on FreeBSD, ported it to 32-bit x86 architectures, and other fun stuff.
I ported the Go language's reference toolchain and runtime to FreeBSD on both amd64 and i386 architectures. I (sometimes) maintain the machines that run the FreeBSD build tests, and do infrequent FreeBSD-related maintenance. From time to time, I use the language when it solves a problem rather well.
Online DKIM Validator
I wrote a simple form / file-based DKIM validator. Someone needed one and it seemed like a decent idea. If anyone wants additional validations (SPF, DomainKeys, etc.) let me know.
Plan 9
These days, my participation is on a "more talk less code" basis (much to the community's chagrin), but served as project administrator for the project at Google Summer of Code from 2009-2011. In 2010, I also mentored a student working on 9vx.
I spent just about as much time attempting to figure out what it is I want to watch on Netflix as I do actually watching it. There are simply too many choices. Enter Randaflick, a simple, silly app that tells you what you should watch, based on the recommendations that Netflix keeps for you.

Personal Stuff

I sometimes muse on a currently defunct blog on matters of politics, work, life, technical nature, and other generally mundane items. I tend to spend a lot more time posting about interests, social action items, funny things, and the like on Facebook.

Musical Interests

I listen to a healthy amount of music, though some might argue that the music I listen to isn't particularly healthy. So it goes. If you care what I listen to for whatever reason, you can view my profile.

I'm also a bit of an audiophile with a penchant for good headphones. I'm still working on saving for a nice Stax rig, but you can get a good idea of what I'm listening through on my Head-Fi profile page.


On occasion I play music, too. I'm not great by any stretch, but I play drums and guitar. My music kit includes:

a picture of my instruments


I play kickball in Baltimore with the best (from a coolness standpoint) team ever, Spaghetti and Kickballs. We're working on getting a website up and all that jazz.

Since I'm in Baltimore, it follows that I'm a Raven's fan. (Really, just because I haven't lived anywhere else with a team to get behind.) I like the Pittsburgh Penguins for hockey, the Atlanta Braves for baseball, and I don't give a damn about basketball. Go Orange for soccer.


Travel is a constant ambition: I've been to 9 countries and I have 187 more to visit. I lived in Holland for three and a half years and recently made a trip to Bosnia.


I graduated high school and went directly to work, so I don't have a formal education. However, I do feel that education is extremely important throughout life, and I continue to learn about topics that interest me -- an admittedly wide range including history, social psychology, cultural anthropology, politics, religion, music, neuropsychology, and more. In addition to this, I'm also passionate about educating others about topics in which I specialize.


I've always found one-on-one education to be the most helpful for me, and in line with my passion for education, I occasionally tutor people on subjects dealing with software engineering and computer science.

Lectures / Presentations

I enjoy giving lectures and presentations. I've spoken at many different groups and venues. Recent contributions include a presentation to the Baltimore PHP User Group on software engineering, and lectures at Johns Hopkins. If you are interested in me presenting any of this information to you, shoot me an email. Slide decks for talks I've given:


Writing tends to be a hobby; these days it's mostly random tidbits published in my blog. However, I coauthored two books and have contributed articles to the now defunct International PHP Magazine. I've also recently started a blog to review new metal music each Tuesday as released by Rdio. That blog is called #NewMetalTuesday, and I think it's a pretty awesome project. (I haven't had a ton of time for it recently; work has been incredibly busy; sorry.)


Reading keeps me sharp. I'm currently working on:

Recently finished:

Contact Me

If you want to email me; devon dot odell at gmail.

Because I care.

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