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CasTTY: Screencast your Terminal

An internet-friend has been encouraging me to put together some material to help teach people stuff about software engineering in C and POSIX environments. I’ve been wanting to do this sort of thing for some time, but the tools are always really obtuse. You have some application that captures a window and makes a video, but then nobody can really interact with the text. But then I remembered that ttyrec was a thing.

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Some Updates

I’ve been avoiding updating this site for some time because I really wanted to use Tufte CSS for this site. I switched my theme to the Hugo-Tufte theme for numerous reasons. For one, I really like they layout and readability. But I’m also finding that I really want to use things like sidenotes. I’m not super happy with how those are exposed in Hugo-Tufte, but I will grin and bear it until I spend some more time formalizing a Markdown-derivative that supports such things.

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Practicing Socratic Exercises Without Patronizing

At my QConSF talk, I got a really great question: So when you were talking about the Socratic method, how do you engage in the Socratic method without sliding into a patronizing tone, if you know what I mean? Off the top of my head, the answer I gave focused on fostering trust. But I think this is a really important question, and I ended up ruminating on it for some time afterwards.

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Building a Debugging Mindset

I spoke at QConSF last week about debugging. The content is largely similar to my previous blog posts on the topic, but I think more refined. I’m unsure as to when the video of the talk will be made available on InfoQ’s website. If you attended QConSF, you have early access to watch the video. However, since that may be some time yet, I figured I’d put the slides here with a rough transcript.

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VarnishCon Video and QConSF

I wrote earlier about my talk at VarnishCon 2016. A video is now available of the talk. Unfortunately, I think I did a particularly poor job of conveying irony (especially at the end: “I did you all a huge solid”), which I regret. Also, time constraints meant that I had to skip some of the points in applying the information, which I think made some of the talk less than useful for folks who didn’t chat with me afterwards.

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