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VarnishCon Video and QConSF

I wrote earlier about my talk at VarnishCon 2016. A video is now available of the talk.

Unfortunately, I think I did a particularly poor job of conveying irony (especially at the end: “I did you all a huge solid”), which I regret. Also, time constraints meant that I had to skip some of the points in applying the information, which I think made some of the talk less than useful for folks who didn’t chat with me afterwards.

I hope folks can look past that, and I’d be happy to answer any lingering questions about my talk via email or whatever medium.

In the same vein, I’ll be speaking at QConSF this year on a similar topic! I’m hoping to make this talk a little more actionable, while focusing more on Dweck’s research, the scientific method, teams, mentorship, learning, and even neuroplasticity.

If folks have thoughts / opinions (as if anybody actually reads this) on what I could do better from my previous talk, I’d love to hear it!

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