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Some Updates

I’ve been avoiding updating this site for some time because I really wanted to use Tufte CSS for this site. I switched my theme to the Hugo-Tufte theme for numerous reasons. For one, I really like they layout and readability. But I’m also finding that I really want to use things like sidenotes. I’m not super happy with how those are exposed in Hugo-Tufte, but I will grin and bear it until I spend some more time formalizing a Markdown-derivative that supports such things.

After several long months, my presentation at QConSF 2016 is available to watch! I’ve also written an article for the ACM Queue on the topic in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue. It isn’t currently available without a subscription, but will be available at the issue page once it is released for public viewership.

Some new blog material is in the works. In particular, I’ve been doing a fair amount of work on searching data using finite state automata using my wonderful colleague Kate’s library, libfsm. As usual, my inputs are relatively large, so I’ve put a fair amount of work into improving the performance of the tools, and I’m pretty excited by what we’re going to use them for. A quick example of a FSM for IPv4 network space:


I’ll also be wrapping up a blog post shortly regarding pointers in C. It remains a topic confusing to many, and I figured I should try my hand at it. I’m looking forward to wrapping that up soon and hopefully writing more in the near future.

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